Dear friend and fellow voyager,

Welcome to the introduction to the I AM Alignment Mastery live event. I hope you will join me and the thousands of people whose lives have been transform permanently by this miraculous divine energy. I promise to give you the latest and most cutting-edge consciousness technologies to improve every area of your life in the fastest time possible.

The transformational power of your I AM voice is waiting to be activated within you. It's your birth-right! Activating your I AM power and presence is the quickest way to manifest the freedom and life you deserve. You are Divine. You are miraculous. You are magnificent. You are infinitely powerful.
In The I AM Alignment Mastery Course, you'll access
new more powerful Divine technology
Nothing is more powerful than
aligning and fusing with the
Source energy of your I AM
Presence. Creating while in
alignment with your true Source
is the greatest power in the
This is an evolution! Quantum
integrations like you've never
experience before. New realties
infused into your seven Chakras
for the most profound
transformations and
enlightening experiences ever.
Command Divine
Aligning with the I AM will
awaken your Divine birth-right to
command, receive and create
through your Divine Source.
Command creative downloads
into your body-mind at will.
i am alignment
i am alignment
"Just hearing Victor's voice can awaken you to something tremendous"
Darius M. Barazandeh - Founder of You Wealth Revolution
i am alignment
"One of the most powerful healer's I've ever come across. We were blown away
from the energy Victor Transmitted"

Eram Saeed - Founder From Heart-ache to Joy
i am alignment
"Can you imagine what it would be like to be truly established in your own divine presence? See what happens in your life when you allow Victor Da Ponte to guide you, through his evolutionary program called I Am Alignment Mastery. "
Jacklyn Johnston - Founder of You Awakening
i am alignment
"Victor's remote transformational healing gifts are truly amazing!"
Harry Massey - Director and Script Writer of Choice Point. Executive Producer and Screenwriter of
The Living Matrix.
i am alignment
Victor Da Ponte is a spiritual visionary whose soul mission is to help humanity connect to their I AM Power and Presence and move beyond the illusion of limitation and separation. With over 20 years of spiritual practice and healing service, Victor is known internationally as a powerful healer and awakening catalyst.

In 2011, he received a Divine and mind-shattering transmission which awakened the power of the I AM Presence within him. A clear voice commanded him to "Stop creating limitations, they are not real, they don't exist! Wake up! It is not who you are. You are beyond all thoughts - you cannot be contained."
i am alignment
This transmission ignited Victor's own commanding I AM voice and gave birth to Quantum Reprogramming, a revolutionary healing and transformational method that easily dissolves limitations. When the deepest truths are spoken, alignment to the I AM Presence occurs naturally and we gain the Divine power to command our subconscious mind, re-create our reality and live in the flow of Divine Source energy.

Victor's message is simple: Remember that you are a Divine Source. Take back the power of your I AM consciousness. You are a Source of limitless potential. Be a Source of love. Be a Source of joy. Be a Source of Divine flow and abundance for others. You are the Source that you are looking for.
i am alignment
Awaken Your
i am alignment
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